Book Reviews

I have had a version of this book on my desk for over 35 years and hardly a day passes that I don't use it.

Very useful reference book for this in engineering, especially mechanical engineering. It's a must have for those calculating, purchasing, or specifying pumps.

This book unravels the engineering principles of pump selection and sizing really well. A must have for anyone who works with process piping

I first received the CHD book as a senior engineering student. I have used it from Alaska, to Ecuador, to Texas. I lent my copy out and it was not returned, so I must replace this indispensable reference.

How did I survive without it?

I teach a Chemical Engineering lab that involves a lot of fluid flow applications, I was familiar with the Cameron Hydraulic Data book prior to coming to the university, working in industry 23 year where I used your book all the time. I tell my students that this is one of the most helpful reference books that they can have in their files.

I have recommended the Cameron Hydraulic Data book to my colleagues. It is an indispensable reference. It has everything you could need.

It is a great resource for a process engineer. Lots of useful information that can be used in many different applications.

I just replaced my Cameron book which I wore out, literally. I've been a registered engineer for 45 years and have used it for most of those years.

Super. An indispensable reference for anyone that works with fluids.